Covid-19 Vaccinations

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  • We have started inviting patients from the end of 2020 to our first vaccination clinic from 6th January 2021. You will be invited to book a vaccination either via text or through a telephone call
  • Please don’t contact the surgery to request a vaccination, we will contact you.
  • The Vaccination Centre will be at Mathews Practice, 22 Asline Road, Sheffield, S2 4UJ
  • We are beginning by inviting the most vulnerable first, starting with those aged 80 or more.
  • Details of the groups and the order in which we will be vaccinating can be found at Gov.Uk
  • We will be receiving support from our colleagues at the Heeley Trust, who are not part of the core clinical team but who will be assisting the core clinical team with contacting eligible patients, booking appointments and supporting the team on the day to help people to, from and around the Vaccination Centre.
  • Enquiries about the vaccination should be made using our website contact form
More Information
  • Both Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are safe.
  • Both vaccines are effective.
  • Vaccination is the essential step in halting the spread of COVID19 and the disease, death and social isolation it causes.
  • We endorse the delayed administration of the second vaccine as being the best way to deliver a high level of immunisation to COVID19 to more of the most vulnerable, soonest.
  • All those vaccinated will receive a second dose to complete the course.
  • We will, in so far as it is possible, ensure that the second dose matches the vaccine administered in the first dose.  Whilst both vaccines are different, they are based on the same COVID19 spike protein to prime the immune system