Special Privacy Notice

Helping Sheffield City Council identify patients who may need additional support during COVID-19, Coronavirus.

(Please also see our COVID-19 Privacy Notice)

Dear Patient,

Sheffield City Council & Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group (the NHS) are compiling a list of people who may need some extra support during the COVID19 crisis. 

This is not the group of people who have already been identified as being extremely vulnerable if they were to get COVID19, but the group of patients who are at “moderate risk”.  

To help them build the list they have asked us to provide details of all patients registered with us who would normally be offered a Flu vaccine each winter.  If you would normally be offered a flu vaccine it is usually because of a medical condition that also puts you in this “moderate risk” group.

We do not ordinarily share any of your information with other agencies except where it is being used for your direct care.  As such this is an unusual request.  During the coronavirus crisis however there is a legal requirement for us to share the following information from your medical records, if you are entitled to a Flu vaccine: 

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Home address
  • Home, Work and Mobile telephone numbers 
  • The medical fact that you are entitled to a Flu Vaccine (even if you have never had one) but not the reason why you are entitled to it.

We believe it may assist the council and the NHS in organising support for you at this exceptional time. We have also been advised that we are obliged to release this information. 

Sheffield City Council will process your data as outlined on their Privacy Notice.

Because of the time-frame concerned we have released this information to Sheffield CCG at 20:00 hrs on 22nd April 2020. It is your data and you have the right to request that it is deleted if you do not want them to process it. Please contact them directly:

To email Sheffield CCG about your data click here.

To contact Sheffield City Council about your data use this form

If you have any general concerns about this message then please speak with Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group on (0114) 305 1000 or email: [email protected]

Page last reviewed: 11 November 2022