Opting out of (or in to) Sharing Your Medical Data

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We are aware of a short notice requirement from NHS Digital regarding the extraction of medical data from your records on or after 1st September 2021. We are told that the data will be anonymised and used to help with NHS research and planning of services. We believe this to be true to a point but are uncertain as to what other purposes your health data may be used, at a point in time after it has been extracted from your records. We are also uncertain about the degree to which the health data can be traced back to you as an individual.

There are a number of things you need to know and possibly TWO things you need to do if you do not want this to happen.

  1. Click here to update the NHS on your data sharing preferences
  2. Click here to let the practice know you don’t want us to share your data with NHS Digital. (This is called a Type 1 Opt Out Form and it needs sending back to us). We need this back before 1st September 2021 to meet the timescale set by NHS Digital.

Click here to learn more about whether NHS Digital use your records for research and planning