New Fact Sheet: Understand Sugar Better

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Gleadless Medical Centre is happy to share a new straightforward guide called the Easy Read Sugar Fact Sheet to help you understand sugar’s role in our diets.

What’s Inside:

  • Types of Sugar: Explains what “free sugars” are, including those in honey, syrups, juices, and smoothies.
  • Daily Limits: Outlines the NHS recommended sugar limits by age.
  • Label Reading: Teaches how to check food labels to monitor sugar intake.
  • Sugar in Foods: Reveals sugar amounts in common foods and drinks and their impact on your daily limit.
  • Health Impact: Highlights the risks of consuming too much sugar, such as tooth decay, diabetes, and obesity.
  • Reducing Sugar: Offers tips on how to easily cut down on sugar.

Why It Matters:

This guide aims to make understanding sugar simpler. It’s designed for everyone, including younger readers, to promote healthier eating habits early on.