Staff Support

Instructions for SystmOne Users who need to access EMIS records for our patients

Where you have a legitimate relationship to view a patient’s records in SystmOne, you can now view EMIS records for that patient, also from within SystmOne.

  • You will need to log on with a smartcard to use the system.
  • If a patient is flagged as Spine Sensitive then you will not be able to use the system.
  • Users will need to add the Third Party Patient Record node to their Clinical Tree to view patient records from EMIS
  • Select the Third Party Patient Record node and click Check for Records. This checks EMIS for the patient and information on their records.

Non-urgent advice: Can’t see the full record?

After retrieving the records you can see more of the notes (especially consultations) by selecting an alternative view using the drop down menu below.

Encounters” shows all the consultations available. (You will only see the last 3 consultations by default)